Close up view of walkway concrete stamped material, selective focus.

Stamped concrete can be used to beautify your home in seven different ways.

Stamped concrete can be used to beautify your home in seven different ways.

Stamped concrete has established itself as a premier decorating option for both outdoor concrete surfaces such as patios and driveways and interior flooring and vertical surfaces. Stamped concrete, also known as imprinted or patterned concrete, is the go-to material when plain, gray concrete isn’t enough. You can enjoy the look of natural stone patterns such as slate, flagstone, brick, and cobblestone without the high cost of real rock and stone or the time-consuming installation of placing individual stones with stamped concrete. Here are seven ways that stamped concrete enhancements from Burbank Concrete and Construction can help you achieve your dream home.

One: In conjunction with another decorative concrete style.

If you have “wide open spaces” of plain concrete, such as a patio and pool deck combination or a large courtyard, you can define activity areas by incorporating more than one decorative concrete style. The patio was stamped concrete Ashlar slate, and the pool deck was PebbleKoat river rock overlay with a pool edge border of matching stamped Ashlar slate. For a beautifully coordinated backyard oasis, custom concrete stains perfectly match the river rock colors.

Two: Texturizing that is completely seamless

Concrete stamp mats can be used to add texture to a concrete surface without leaving any visible joint lines. Slate is popular for its many natural shades, and with realistic concrete stamps and custom concrete stains, any slate color can be replicated, or you can create your own. Real slate is not as durable as concrete and will eventually show wear and tear, so a seamless and sealed stamped decorative concrete finish will last for decades with no chips, cracks, or fading and requires very little maintenance.

Three: Texture as well as design

Stamped concrete offers a wide variety of life-like stone patterns, including flagstone, cobblestone, brick, and slate, for the look of grouted stone. Concrete stamps can texturize as well as imprint stone shapes and grout lines, creating the appearance of real grouted stone or tiles. The patio below was made of deteriorating red brick with broken bricks and deteriorating grout. A resurfacing concrete overlay concealed the damage, revealing a new surface imprinted with an Ashlar slate design for an exquisite finish. Concrete stamps can be used with existing concrete slab overlays or on freshly poured concrete before it cures and hardens.

Four: Faux wood finishes are number four.

Stamped concrete has introduced decorators and homeowners to the daring use of faux wood finishes. You can now have outdoor “wood” patios, porches, walkways, and steps without the problems associated with real wood, such as warping, splintering, dry rot, and cracking due to harsh weather. Wood plank finishes ranging from narrow to wide, smooth textures to rugged reclaimed wood are all possible with custom concrete stamps! Custom concrete stains allow you to have the exact color you want, ranging from light to dark wood tones, or match colors to existing landscape elements in the yard. Furthermore, interior floors can enjoy the beauty of wood in any room while also being durable enough to withstand a busy family life without being damaged.

Five: Use stencils to add artistic flair.

Another exciting aspect of stamped concrete is the incorporation of stencils and custom logos or designs. Stamped and hand-colored designs become an integral part of the overall stamped concrete and will not peel or fade with time and use. Create a focal point on a patio or personalize a driveway with a family crest or sports team logo. Colorful stenciled rug designs are popular for interior entryways, outdoor patios, and front porches. Allow your inner decorating diva to shine!

Sixth, decorative border stamping adds a nice touch to stained concrete.

If your budget prevents you from using stamped concrete for your entire concrete makeover, using stamped concrete borders in conjunction with a less expensive resurfacing system can be the ideal compromise. You don’t have to give up your dream of stone; you can easily add texture and color to your spaces with flagstone, cobblestone, or slate borders. Stamped flagstone borders accent this stained concrete patio, and flagstone highlights in a broom swept concrete finish create a driveway of distinction.

Seventh: Vertical concrete resurfacing with faux stone and wood.

Stamped concrete can also be used to create faux stone and wood designs on vertical surfaces such as walls, steps, siding, pillars, and posts. Vertical concrete resurfacing can achieve the appearance of stone and wood finishes at a fraction of the cost of the real materials, in less time, and with less mess. Stamped wood or hand-carved stone designs create realistic and natural-looking textures when applied over brick, plaster, drywall, wood, or concrete, transforming your living spaces in a matter of days. The weight of real stone can make stonework prohibitively expensive in some cases, but not with our resurfaced concrete overlays. Accent walls, backsplashes, and fireplace refacing can all benefit from the natural beauty of stone.

Stamped concrete is a game changer.

With decorative concrete stamps, you can create almost any stone or rock design, as well as authentic-looking wood plank finishes. You are not limited to the styles and colors available in big-box stores or the favorites of your local stonemason. Every aspect of our projects is customizable, from the stamp pattern and design to the color, so your options are virtually limitless. Call us at (818) 213-2954 or visit us online at