Stamped concrete is a prominent driveway and outdoor decking alternative. Since stamped concrete is adjustable there will certainly be a vast array of shades, textures as well as styles to pick from to make all house owners satisfied. It is very important to correctly install the stamped concrete the very first time or you might run into several problems after which might be very costly for house owners. It would certainly be smart transfer to have one of the professionals from the Sampled Concrete Guys set up the stamped concrete for you to your residence if you do not want to experience any of these troubles. When the stamped concrete is set up effectively, it is necessary to maintain it correctly. Right here are 2 crucial suggestions from the Stamped Concrete Guys to assist effectively preserve stamped concrete

Cleaning up

The very best way to cleanse your stamped concrete is using a moderate detergent and also mop to wash the concrete with water. It is essential to keep the surface area without particles otherwise there may be long-term spots. Getting rid of spots such as dirt as well as tire marks can commonly be an inconvenience if the moderate detergent and also water are not strong enough to remove them. In many cases, you may need to make use of chemicals to get rid of the spots. Do not make use of acid-based cleansers as they will undercut as well as destroy the shade of the concrete.


A sealer is used during the installment of stamped concrete to protect it from damages and keep the color. Sealing is the best means to shield stamped concrete from moisture penetration, freeze-thaw conditions, de-icing chemicals as well as abrasion. Reapply your sealer over your stamped concrete every 2-3 years to keep your stamped concrete in good shape for every period. Ensure to never ever use a sealant to a wet surface area or it may mess up the stamped concrete. Also, never make use of salt on stamped concrete, to melt ice or snow due to the fact that it drips right into the pores of the concrete which creates damages to the concrete.

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