Concrete Facts – 3 Things You Never Knew

Concrete Facts – 3 Things You Never Knew

​You see concrete daily. Whether it’s a walkway, car park, or perhaps a structure, it is all around us. While continuous exposure to the material might have led you to regard it “dull” or “normal,” there are some intriguing facts about it that could strike you as unusual.

Burbank Concrete and Construction understands concrete. We have actually created a list of some of one of the most fascinating bits about our favorite building product for you to appreciate!



Ancient Material

Concrete has actually been made use of for centuries. To discover when it first became prominent building product one would need to look as much back as Old Greece as well as Rome– roughly 800 BC!

Although it was created in different ways, its earliest usages were not unlike exactly how we use it today. It played an essential role in the building of several of the most iconic as well as historical structures of the Roman realm, consisting of every arch and also dome you have actually seen in a textbook.

One active ingredient of ancient concrete that you won’t see in any of today’s offerings was a material called pozzolana. This ancient active ingredient is absolutely nothing greater than a kind of ashes that reacts with water to form an exceptionally strong binding agent that was excellent for concrete.

Strange Ways

There are factors in the process of concrete manufacturing that still have actually materials researchers perplexed. Responses between concrete powder as well as water stay a secret to specialists: the specifics behind the reactions are completely unknown!

There are lots of theories flowing relating to the manufacturing of concrete and also this enigmatic response, but there is no strong proof verifying any of them. The discussion will likely rave on regarding just how the reactions cause the material we have actually all expanded to acknowledge while the true response will certainly hang just out of reach of some of the brightest minds in the world.

Acquainted Face

The whole world makes use of concrete. It is strong as well as inexpensive, bring about its usage in numerous tasks in all edges of the earth every year. It really crushes some of the other familiar names on the planet of construction products.

Timber, steel, light weight aluminum, and also plastics all fade in contrast for concrete made use of across the globe. Actually, it is utilized twice as much as those other structure products integrated! Altogether, the concrete sector (simply in the USA) has to do with a $30 billion sector– tolerable for “uninteresting” old walkways as well as driveways!

Burbank Concrete and Construction

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