Anticipated Lifetime of a Concrete Driveway

Anticipated Lifetime of a Concrete Driveway

A properly installed driveway shields your car, updates your visual allure and offers a safe, ease location to walk. The most typical driveway products are concrete and also asphalt, while some driveways are constructed from gravel or dirt. Discover how much time you can expect a brand-new concrete setup to last as well as other advantages of choosing this product. Be sure to collaborate with a professional group for a lasting addition to your house.

Ordinary Lifetime.


Many domestic concrete driveways last between 25 and three decades. Appropriate maintenance can aid your own last as much as half a century. This timeline relies on the setup strategies, the quantity of usage as well as any upkeep steps you might take. Evaluate each factor to see just how you can obtain one of the most out of your driveway financial investment.

Enjoy a longer driveway lifetime with our expert services at Burbank Concrete and Construction. We provide these upkeep services to promote a risk-free, resilient framework:

  • Strengthened outer layer: Stay clear of chips as well as splits around the edges of your driveway by investing in our support solutions. We make use of a concrete combination on the external layers that is created to reinforce the edges and also prevent chunking or breaking.
  • Anxiety fracture fixings: Temperature level modifications, heavy loads and natural settling can all trigger tension splits. Hairline splits increase at a fast rate, so it is very important to work with a local concrete group to load all sizes of fractures.
  • Crater loads: A pocket can cause major issues over time. These holes allow water as well as pollutants to penetrate to much deeper and much deeper layers of your concrete driveway, ultimately resulting in foundation damages. A big hole can also harm your car.

In addition to these professional jobs, think about a couple of DIY tasks to boost the life time of your driveway. Regularly move the surface to eliminate debris. Plow snow and also roadway salt off the surface area to prevent moisture concerns triggered by cold as well as thawing.

Advantages of Concrete.


Concrete offers a more resilient, adjustable and heat-resistant surface area compared to asphalt. Pick a concrete driveway to delight in a tough surface that can take much heavier tons than asphalt. If you drive a full-size vehicle, motorhome or various other heavy vehicle on your driveway, concrete is a fantastic choice.

This product is additionally surprisingly personalized. Compare the solitary, monotone look of asphalt with the range of stamped concrete shades and also appearances to see exactly how a concrete driveway surface area can much better match your home or landscape design.

Lastly, concrete withstands heats much better than asphalt. Direct sunshine in summer season can soften asphalt as well as trigger it to deform as you drive on it. Concrete stands up to high warm without impacting its weight rating or surface area.

Variables That can Reduce the Life time.


There are a number of manner ins which your concrete driveway might end up being damaged or pointless prior to you reach the 20, 30 or 50 year mark. Keep an eye out for these aspects as you try to find an installation group as well as plan your brand-new driveway:

  • Inappropriate foundation
  • Amateur installation
  • Too much weight
  • Absence of cleansing


Regrettably, a poorly prepared foundation can swiftly trigger your concrete driveway to fracture as well as break apart. This will require full elimination and preparation of a brand-new foundation, so it is very important to deal with a leading concrete group in your area. Prepare an expert foundation in the first place to delight in 20 or even more years of smooth driving as well as secure auto parking.

When you see extensive fractures that are connected or extreme matching, it may be time to replace the entire driveway. Various other indicators consist of water drainage issues, big craters, as well as irregular sloping. Review the problems with our group at Burbank Concrete and Construction to identify whether you need a repair service or a complete driveway substitute job.