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We are a referral company that will refer you to a concrete contractor that provides your every concrete needs. Doing it at a competitive price, developing techniques with newest equipment that can do the job in less time. Our recommended contractor ensure their clients an outstanding service from the beginning of the project until it is finished. 

We are maintaining high standard quality, performance, expertise, quality, integrity and safe to the part of the every staff in the company. We are always driven to provide the best concrete output in our every project by keeping the an open communication with our clients.

Rest assured that the Burbank Concrete and Construction staff take pride and quality in all aspects of their work. 

To discuss your project contact us today and we can give you a free estimate. We cover residential and commercial projects from home foundations, patios, parking and driveways.



There are many concrete slabs depending on its purpose. We can help you understand different concrete foundations and how does it fit your needs.


Our professionals have affordable services and our contractors are always ready to assist with any ideas you have for your concrete patio. They take pride in completing concrete patio projects and dedicated to superior results.


A durable concrete driveway will be the smart and easy to get your property value increase and your home more accessible. We connect you to an expert contractor that only uses quality materials with low maintenance concrete driveway. Choose a concrete company that will take your project and bid seriously. 


Specializes in complete building demolition for renovation. They will present terms and basic information about demolition that can help our clients to be informed on what needs to be considered and essential about demolition.